Our clients love us
Katerina Kramer
"Geometria" founder
Amount of applications has tripled! Your work result was in numbers, the number of applications has tripled, can't believe, but three times as much!

I'm sure cooperation with this team is the most profitable investment in our business.

Anatoly Stepanov
Founder of scooters school
1. They write a posts that hit the bull's-eye
2. There is trial period
3. Work for cool result
4. Team can always support you.
Alexey Smolin
"Senler" director
Dr. i-Bolit team,
On behalf of our team thank you for your support in education activities(carrying out a series of educational broadcasts with the help of mailing on the VK platform, performance on the newsletter conference).
Newsletters on the VK platform is very relevant now. That's why it's important to hold the newsletter events by the professionals. We obviously can say that you have shown yourself that way.

Thank you!
Julia Ogneva
Brand-manager of «Technique» driving school.
«While other marketers make monotonous offers, i-Bolit team looks for (and finds!) cool way. While other advertisers promise and convince you in an amazing result, i-Bolit team breathes a new life into your business. While others overlook the basics of business correspondence, i-Bolit is always in touch with the clients. And while others count losses from wrong investments, i-Bolit clients get the margin.»
Nika Zebra
Zebra Company PR specialist
Sometimes you don't have time to do something important. Thank you for community covers, great job!
Irina Guschina
«Akademium» kids club in Chelyabinsk.
I've seen i-Bolit advertisement in VK, I really liked the way it was. I wanted something alike and professional for my community.
Dr. i-Bolit team developed attractive ads, set up a target, made the cool newsletter.
For a month of work, a huge target audience learned about us, and even in March and April (when we suspected decrease) a lot of clients added. We got 15 new clients for our summer camp for a week of our new promotional campaign.
Thanks a lot Egor, Alexander, Elena and Bogdan!
Marina Deminova
I also want to thank your team.

I've read some previous reviews, and don't want to repeat them. I only want to notice the most important terms of your team not only professionalism but also loyalty and humanity! It's worthwhile! Evgeny, Egor, Bogdan...you're cool!

Thanks a lot you and your team! I wish you prosperity, the fulfillment of personal and professional desires! Thank you!
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