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Dr. i-Bolit portfolio
The promotional campaign for furniture production in the Crimea
Campaign purpose: to get applications for the purchase of furniture to order.

With the help of VK target, mailing, and quiz-marketing company got 150 applications for 251 rubles each for the production of the kitchens.

Promotion of business club «Business accelerator»
580 000 rubles are for a business club through attraction more than 7000 subscribers in VK newsletter.

Price for 1 subscribe is not more than 12 rubles.
The promotional campaign for suburban construction
Development of mailing list and target for people, dreaming about country-house and moving from the northern regions.

96 applications from the mailing list for 209 rubles each.
700+ visitors to the opening of rollerdrome in Omsk
Is it possible to attract 700 people for the opening of rollerdrome in the shopping center?

Easy. We only needed:
-targeting and VK mailing list
-VK advertising
-21 679 rubles of the budget.
-giraffe costume for the rollerdrome director!

Launch Barbershop Gatsby
Launch and opening are the most interesting things in the marketing campaign.

230 applications are for 36 rubles and 45 visitors for the barbershop opening.

Were introduced: mailing list, design, content marketing.

Promotion of Roller school in Omsk
324 applications are for children's roller school in Omsk only with the help of VK targeting campaign.

Application price isn't more than 135 rubles.

Promotion of interactive amusement "Wild West"
318 applications for 65 rubles each are on a special project of Lenfilm.

Personal film production is an unusual promotional campaign. However, Instagram target and quiz- marketing do their part.

Roller school promotion in Krasnoyarsk
515 application for 57 rubles each is for Roller school in Krasnoyarsk.

Absolutely sold out in kids training groups is the result of proper VK target.

The promotional campaign for property selection service "Tortuga"
Project: property selection services.

After difficult tests of VK advertising and IG, the apartment for 3 millions rubles was sold. It was worth it.

Promotion of Halloween costume party in Marino's manor
- "424 people were going to come to the event. Honestly, we expected only 10% of this number."

- Marino's manor is the perfect place for Halloween party.
It was necessary only to find the right approach in advertising and target campaign.

Fruit delivery from Thailand and Vietnam
"Mango Obnimango"

70 000 rubles was earned on the exotic fruits.

Lead generation in Instagram for fruit delivery from Thailand and Vietnam.

80 applications for 30 927 rules from the budget.

Promotion of the international school of mental arithmetic
85 applications for 66 rubles for children's school of mental arithmetic with the help of targeting and VK mailing.

Promotion of children's celebrations organizers "Nafanya"
65 applications if for children's celebrations organizers with the help of giving away on VK platform.

1 giving away of free animator on VK platform provided a good application flow.

Launch of consultations on promotion of YouTube channels
44 applications on the consultations on the promotion of YouTube channels

+115 subscribers to the community
+152 subscribers to the mailing list

5439 rubles was spent

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